May – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May
Honoring all who died while serving in the military of the USA
Originally called Decoration Day, it started after the Civil War
Decorating the fallen soldier’s graves with flowers and more

Today, you can see the military graves with a flag decoration
marking the brave who gave their life for this nation
Whether family member or stranger, remember them today
Because we all owe them a debt that we can never repay

Many have paid tribute to those whose lives did not last long
One of the finest examples is the Lee Greenwood song
“I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free
And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me”

Memorial Day is thought of as Summer’s unofficial start
While you’re enjoying the day, keep a thought in your heart
For those that died on the land, in the air, or on the sea
Men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country


April – Easter

Each year the Easter Bunny comes without fail
Like Gene Autry sings, hoppin’ down the bunny trail
Hiding eggs, candy, and baskets for us to find
A game of hide and seek with treats combined

The day we celebrate Easter depends on the moon
It cannot come before Spring, that would be too soon
The Sunday after the first full moon of Spring
Chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps does bring

Dying Easter eggs can be messy and so much fun
Creatively coloring eggs, you get to eat when you’re done
Make sure you hard boil the eggs before you start
Dip them in boiling, colored, vinegar water to create art

Make sure you find every last single egg, because well
Old, hidden eggs will decay and start to smell
They produce the rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide
A mini science lesson to ponder as the eggs you do hide


March – Cesar Chavez Day

March 31st in Arizona, Cesar Chavez was born this day
During the Great Depression, his family’s ranch was taken away
The family moved to California to pick crops from the fields
It was a hard life, all year round, picking the yields

Migrant farm workers traveled to a new crop each season
Making barely enough money to survive was the reason
With no benefits or rights, they worked without pause
Hoping for better lives and someone to champion their cause

Chavez co-founded the National Farm Workers Association
Organized the most successful consumer boycott in the nation
Delano grape pickers wanted to be paid minimum wage
And millions of Americans refused to buy grapes in a rage

Cesar Chavez toiled tirelessly for workers’ rights
Sometimes refusing to eat for many days and nights
His efforts and actions are recorded in the archives
Allowing many farm workers to lead better lives


February – Valentine’s Day

February is known as the month of romance
So, send your secret crush a card and take a chance
Take care of your sweetheart with flowers or candy
Let them know that you think they are jim-dandy

Priest Valentine defied the Roman emperor in the 3rd century
Secretly marrying soldiers, to the emperor an act of treachery
Claudius II thought that single soldiers fought to the last breath
When Valentine’s actions were discovered, he was put to death

Exchanging hand-made Valentines became a tradition
Until 1849, when printed cards started to take their position
Today, about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent
Messages of love and friendship from the heart are meant

Send your friend or crush a Valentine’s Day gram
Say something nice with a sweet treat on the program
Chocolate Kisses, sweet words, and Starbursts galore
All in the name of what the French call amour


January – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In Atlanta, on January 15th, Dr. King was born
It is now a holiday to celebrate the man, not mourn
Inspired by him, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became laws
Assassinated by hate, he died leading the civil rights cause

Dr. King was a minister and preached change through love
Ending legal segregation in the United States, sort of
In 1964, Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
Recognizing his impact in so many eyes

Battling injustices through nonviolent sit-ins and boycott
was a direct catalyst to change, believe it or not
So many freedoms and rights that we take for granted today
Are here for us all because men like Dr. King paved the way

Dr. King envisioned, and worked hard for, a better world for all
Battling injustice with nonviolence became his battle call
His self-sacrifice in the face of overwhelming opposition
Inspired a generation and more, to carry on his mission

As we take time to remember Dr. King on this day of his birth
Our more important task is to carry on his ideas to all of Earth
Because injustice remains, to fix it is our job it would seem
Even though Martin Luther King, Jr. is dead, long live the dream


December - Holidays

It’s December now, the end of the calendar year
When most people, it seems, are filled with good cheer
So, go out and spread joy to all in every possible way
Regardless of which celebration you claim as your own holiday

If Hanukkah is your holiday of choice
Spin your dreidel and sing a song to rejoice
Remember the miracle of the eight nights of oil
As you light the menorah and over latkes you toil

If Christmas is yours, you watch for Santa down the chimney
As you sing carols and wait for your presents to see
Remember the birth of Jesus is behind the season
As you get thoughtful gifts from your loved ones, within reason

Maybe you celebrate Kwanzaa along with the others
Celebrate African heritage with family, sisters and brothers
Based on traditional harvest festivals, it lasts for seven days
Each night a different guiding principle discussed in many ways

This time of year, no matter what you believe and celebrate
Spreading peace and love to the world would be great
We are one world, and should all come together
Striving to better our planet in calm or stormy weather


November - Thanksgiving

A time to give thanks and feast on good food
Spend time with loved ones while football is viewed
Remember good things that happened in the year past
And friends who are true, loyal, and steadfast

102 Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower to find a new life
First the journey was smooth, then filled with storms and strife
Eventually they reached the “New World”, of course
Where they landed was too far north and way off course

Before they landed the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact
Rules stating, for the good of the colony they would all act
They landed the ship in Cape Cod on a makeshift dock
Began building the settlement they called Plymouth Rock

Squanto, of the Wampanoag, taught them to hunt and fish
How to plant and fertilize crops they could serve in a dish
He was vital as the colonies interpreter from mouth to ears
A treaty of peace was signed, which would last for 50 years

In 1621, the original Thanksgiving harvest festival was held
The Wampanoag helped Pilgrims survive where they dwelled
A three-day festival with contests, stories, eating, and games
To celebrate, give thanks, and rejoice was both their aims


October – Halloween

A time filled with candy, costumes, spooks, and fright
Culminating at the end of the month on Halloween night
Halloween is a fun holiday for both the young and the old
You can pretend to be someone more daring and bold

If you are performing tricks in the night or hunting treats
Be careful and safe, trust only pre-packaged snacks and eats
Do not eat all the trick or treat candy you get at once
Or your stomach will ache and you will feel like a dunce

Halloween started thousands of years ago in ancient Ireland
A celebration on the night before the new year was planned
Ghosts of the dead returned to Earth, believed the Celts
Who built bonfires wearing costumes of animal heads and pelts

Halloween has transformed into costumes, parties, and pranks
Always remember when someone gives candy to say thanks
In America, it’s become the second largest commercial holiday
With people spending 6 billion dollars of their hard-earned pay


September - Labor Day

Celebrated on the first Monday of every September
A holiday to the workers we should always remember
Working to create strength, well-being, and prosperity
The social and economic achievements are easy to see

Be thankful to the people in your life that work hard
To provide for you and your wellbeing that they guard
They never ask for the thanks they richly deserve
From the people they work for and selflessly serve

Be they military, police, firefighter, nurse, or teacher
Cashier, salesperson, fast food worker, or preacher
They provide a service to us that we rarely appreciate
Displaying the work ethic that makes our country great

Give the average working person a thank you and a Yay
Show appreciation, not just on September’s first Monday
The fruits of their labor are worth more than they’re paid
Like the line in that tribute song that Alabama made


August – Back to School

School is about to start a new year
Begin confidently, do not show any fear
Remember the things you learned in the past
The knowledge in you is deep and vast

First impressions are important when starting anew
Start strong and show everyone the best you
Do all your work and don’t disturb class
You will never have to worry if you will pass

As you meet new classmates and make friends
To class always bring your pencils and red pens
Come to each period everyday prepared to learn
Raise your hand and speak when it is your turn

Each class is a new opportunity for you to show
All the things you have learned and what you know
As a student and person, you have a great role
Always remember, responsible adulthood is our goal

4th of July – Happy Birthday United States

I hope you have a happy 4th of July
Picnics, barbecue, and fireworks in the sky
American flags flying as we laugh, eat, and play
We should remember the meaning of the day

A young upstart country, independence it declared
To mighty England it showed it was not scared
Patriots banded together to fight for freedom
King George, no longer would the colonies heed ‘em

Lexington and Concord is where the war began
When the minutemen arrived the British ran
Farmers, merchants, and volunteers all starting from zero
General Washington leads the army, the rise of a hero

Tough times, wins and losses, six long years of fighting
The new country’s battle for liberty was always exciting
Amid the French and Washington with no room to bend
Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, the war now at an end

The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States
We must dissolve the political bands and separate our fates
Celebrate the underdog standing up for freedom and rights
The birth of a new nation that has risen to amazing heights

June - Flag Day


It started in Wisconsin, June 14, 1885, at Stoney Hill School
Teacher, BJ Cigrand, thought a day for the flag would be cool
He wrote to newspapers, for 31 years, with much to say
Until President Wilson, in 1916, officially recognized Flag Day

Today, as you walk or drive around look for your flag
What the American flag symbolizes makes me want to brag
The flag still flying during the war of 1812 inspired Francis Scott Key
To write the “Star Spangles Banner” to celebrate American victory

You will see 13 proud stripes of red and white
Representing the Colonies that stood up for what was right
50 shining stars boldly displayed on a field of blue
Representing the current states to which that Nation grew

A tribute starting in Wisconsin in that one room schoolhouse
The flag of the Nation with a flame you can not dowse
The flag stands for freedom wherever it flies
A beacon of hope as it fills the skies