Mr. Wolfgram

7th Grade World History & 8th Grade U.S. History

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School is about to start a new year

Begin confidently, do not show any fear

Remember the things you learned in the past

The knowledge inside you is deep and vast


First impressions are important when starting anew

Start strong and show everyone the best you

Do all your work and pay attention in class

And you’ll never have to worry if you will pass


A new school year always makes people nervous and excited

Once you get settled into everything, you will be delighted

Each class brings a new experience to every student

As you dream and plan for your future, be prudent


Stay organized, follow directions, and use your listening skills

To maximize every day and experience untold academic thrills

Each day’s challenge starts the moment your teacher takes roll

And always remember, “Responsible adulthood is our goal.”


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4th of July – Happy Birthday United States

I hope you have a happy 4th of July
Picnics, barbecue, and fireworks in the sky
American flags flying as we laugh, eat, and play
We should remember the meaning of the day

A young upstart country, independence it declared
To mighty England it showed it was not scared
Patriots banded together to fight for freedom
King George, no longer would the colonies heed ‘em

Lexington and Concord is where the war began
When the minutemen arrived the British ran
Farmers, merchants, and volunteers all starting from zero
General Washington leads the army, the rise of a hero

Tough times, wins and losses, six long years of fighting
The new country’s battle for liberty was always exciting
Amid the French and Washington with no room to bend
Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, the war now at an end

The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States
We must dissolve the political bands and separate our fates
Celebrate the underdog standing up for freedom and rights
The birth of a new nation that has risen to amazing heights

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